Fibroids are non-cancerous abnormal growths in the womb that usually occurs during a woman’s reproductive years. It can be diagnosed through a normal pelvic scan.

There are different types of fibroid based on where they are located in the womb

*Intramural fibroids; Grows just within the muscular wall of the womb

*Subserosal fibroids: Can be found beyond the muscular wall of the womb well into the outer uterine tissue layer

*Submucosal fibroids: It is located in the muscle underneath the inner lining of the wall, sometimes protruding into the uterine cavity. This is the rarest type of fibroid

Not all fibroids related cases cause infertility. The size and location determines whether it affects fertility or not

Symptoms may be very mild or severe depending on the number, size, and position of the growth. Symptoms include lower abdominal pain, painful and longer menstruation, and spotting between periods.

It can be diagnosed through a routine pelvic scan.

Treatment is by medication to shrink the size or surgically for a total removal.

Uterine fibroid, illustration. Fibroids are benign smooth muscle tumours of the uterus.