Diminished Ovarian Reserve

Diminished Ovarian Reserve

A woman is said to have a diminished ovarian reserve when she has a decline in the quality and quantity of her eggs. It happens as a normal ageing process, usually around menopause, but sometimes can be as a result of a disease, such as PCOS.

Women are born with all the eggs needed in their lifetime, but by the start of puberty would have lost about 20% of her eggs, and by late 30s would have lost about 97% of her total eggs.

The rate of diminishing differs from woman to woman, and no treatment can stop the diminishing process.

The best option for women with this condition is through assisted reproductive technology, where the eggs are harvested, separated, and the best eggs in terms of quality are fertilized, and implanted back inside the uterus.

It is diagnosed through hormonal profiling, and bloodwork