Amazing Benefits Of Smoothies And Juices For Fertility

Eating right and having the right weight is one of the common jingles we hear as ways to enhance our conception, but less talked about is incorporating a cup of smoothie or natural juice to our everyday meals.

The benefits of smoothie and natural juice to fertility is tremendous and cannot be quantified. In my story I mentioned that my cycle started having a mind of its own at some point. I became worried even though my doctor said it was nothing to be worried about. My state of anxiousness led me to start researching about the cause and solution to the problem. During my research I discovered the usefulness of avocado smoothie to fertility. I prepared the smoothie, and started taking it religiously everyday for two months. My period normalized by the third month, and has remained so till date.

What is a smoothie?

A smoothie is a drink that is produced by blending fruits together to give a creamy form. It comes from a mixture of different fruits. It’s creamy state and appearance is what differentiates it from a fruit juice. Smoothies are in nature thicker than fruit juice and also have higher fiber content. They are made by blending the various fruits together in a blender.

What is a fruit juice?

Fruit juice is a drink made from freshly extracted fruits and vegetables through the use of a juicer or an extractor. A lot of the packet juice sold in supermarkets are only sweetened and colored drinks loaded with preservatives, and therefore cannot be referred to as a “natural” fruit juice.

Avocado Smoothie For Fertility

There are lots of fertility friendly smoothies, but greatly endorsed and one that stands out the most among them all is the smoothie made from avocado.

The avocado is also referred to as the butter fruit or alligator pear. It is known as one of the world’s most superb food due to the substantial amount of nutrients it contains. Avocado contains approximately 20 important nutrients and a high dose of nourishing monounsaturated fatty acids.

Structurally, the avocado is shaped like a human uterus, and it takes exactly nine months (same duration for a normal pregnancy to come to full term in humans) from the point of planting for it to mature into a ripened fruit.

Nutritional science has taught us that if it looks like it then it’s good for it. What this means is that any food or fruit that has a semblance to any part of the human body is beneficial for the treatment of conditions relating to that exact part of the body. For example, the celery is shaped like the human bones, and it’s no coincidence that celery juice is recommended for people suffering from osteoporosis (a bone disease). Also the carrot when sliced resembles the eyes, and I remember vividly my optician telling me specifically to eat more carrot to improve my eye sight. Walnuts are shaped like the brains, and it’s not surprising that they have been nicknamed as “the brain food”.

The avocado is shaped like a uterus, and the seed in it resembles a baby in the womb. Also interestingly, the derivation of Avocado is from the Greek word ‘ahuacatl” which in literal term means testicles. They were named so because they grow in pairs and the fruit dangles on the tree in a manner similar to the testes.

Avocado is very rich in Vitamin E, also known scientifically as tocopherol; which when literally translated from Greek where it was derived from means “to bear a child”. Avocado also contains a high volume of folic acid which is recommended for every woman trying to conceive.

What more proof do we need to tell us that this wonderful fruit is very beneficial for fertility?

The native people of Aztecs (a tribe in Mexico where avocado is planted the most in the world) referred to avocado as the “fertility fruit” due to its ability to improve a woman’s fertility potential. Studies have shown that avocado increases a woman’s fertility by as much as 30%.

How To Make Avocado Smoothie

Avocado smoothie is not just highly nutritional and beneficial to fertility, but also very easy to make. It can be prepared in as little as five minutes. My avocado smoothie is usually made up of just two basic ingredients; avocado and banana.

If you plan to use your avocado immediately, make sure you buy the ripe one. The state of the avocado can be known by the colour and how it feels when touched. An unripe avocado is usually bright green, and feels very hard when touched, the harder it is, the longer it would take for it to get ripe. The ripe one is a bit darker in colour, and feels a little soft, but not too soft or mushy.


1. Two medium sized avocado

2. Two medium sized bananas


1. Use a knife to cut lengthwise through the center of the avocado, and separate the divided parts.

2. Remove the seed.

3. Gently peel the outer skin.

4. Chop the avocado into smaller chunks for easy blending.

5. Combine the chopped avocado and banana in a blender.

6. Blend till you get a creamy consistency.

7. Serve

Add some ice cubes if you want to drink immediately to give a better taste.

It can be preserved by refrigerating.

Benefits of Avocado Smoothie For Fertility

1. Avocado smoothie helps in balancing the hormones. Avocado contains sterols which aids balancing of hormones by regulating estrogen and progesterone; the two major hormones for fertility. It is advised to drink consistently for a minimum of one month to achieve the desired result.

2. It improves success rate of in-vitro-fertilization (IVF) treatments. A study done by researchers in Harvard showed that women who eat avocado, and also drink the smoothie are more likely to get pregnant than women who don’t.

3. Avocado contains a substantial amount of fiber and healthy fat which makes you feel full and satisfied, hence it’s highly recommended for people trying to loose weight

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