Why You Should Use Aju Mbaise Herb For Fertility

If you are from or live in Nigeria, you would most likely have come across the word aju mbaise a couple of times. It’s a popular herb common among  Nigerian women especially those with fertility challenges. What exactly is aju mbaise? Should you use aju mbaise for fertility? What are the side effects? These and many more would be shared in this post.

Herbs have long been in existence before the advent of orthodox medicine and by combining them in certain proportion can be used to treat many conditions including fertility disorders. One of such herbs is aju mbaise.

What is Aju Mbaise?

Aju mbaise is a mix of several herbs gotten from Imo State in the Eastern part of Nigeria. The herbs are made up of various roots, barks, and leaves obtained from different trees. The name is derived from two words; aju (which means to tie or wrap together)- the herbs are normally tied together to keep them in a compact state and Mbaise ( the exact town in Imo State where the different trees are planted).

Aju Mbaise

Does Aju Mbaise Work For Fertility?

A research done by scientists and recorded in an article in the Nigerian Journal of Nutritional Science has established a link between aju mbaise and anti bacterial components. The study showed that the various herbs which aju mbaise is made up of contains anti-bacterial substances which helps fights infections and bacteria. It is a known fact that untreated infection is one of the causes of infertility. Taking aju mbaise helps the body to fight and get rid of the these infections.

Aju mbaise in the past was  given to women after delivery to make them loose pregnancy fat, and return their body to the normal state it was before pregnancy. The herbs contain potent ingredients that helps in loosing weight. It is a known fact that being overweight reduces the chance of conception. Aju mbaise therefore enhances fertility by burning the excess fat in the body.

Women with menstrual irregularities were also given this herb, and improvement in the menstrual cycle was seen in the women after regular intake of the herb.

How To Cook Aju Mbaise For Fertility

1. Wash the herb in water as a whole, do not untie.

2. Put in a big pot, and pour enough water to cover it up.

3. Boil till the water changes to a golden colour. It takes about 25 minutes to get properly boiled.

4. Sieve and drink.

Aju mbaise works best when taken hot, therefore do not allow it to get cold before drinking. It can be refrigerated, but should be warmed to a slightly hot temperature before drinking again.

Who Can U itse Aju Mbaise?

Unfortunately aju mbaise doesn’t work for all fertility disorders. It is most suitable for people with unexplained fertility, hormone imbalance, anovulation, and also those whose infertility has been linked to being overweight.

Aju mbaise does not open blocked fallopian tubes, and neither does it shrink fibroids.I would be sharing simple home remedies that work for them in subsequent post.

Side Effect Of Aju Mbaise

As with most traditional herbs, the major side effect is that no specific dosage is given for consumption. It is advised to take in moderation. Half glass once a day is recommended.

It is crucial to know that the success of taking herbs comes from being rightly diagnosed. Avoid taking herbs without doing a proper investigation to the cause of your infertility.

Also important to note is that using traditional herbs alongside orthodox medication is a recipe for disaster, as the two can have a counter reaction in the body. Do not use fertility herbs simultaneously with other fertility drugs.

Furthermore, as explained in my post on avocado; it takes a longer time to see results when using herbs or food to treat fertility disorders. Consistency is the key factor here, as it usually takes at least a month to get desired results when taking herbs.

So should you take aju mbaise to increase your conception chances? Yes I think you should. It’s been proven to be a safe herb, and also very cheap to buy. You really don’t have anything to loose, and maybe it might just be the long lost key to your fertility.

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  1. My name is Jessy
    Thanks for your good explanation.
    I want to ask using aju mbaise for fertility treatment.
    How would know when to stop in a month I.e if it a woman who intend or wish to conceived in a particular month. Can the woman stop it after ovulation or when in other to get good results.

    Thank you.

  2. May Allah reward you abundantly cos you are treating people of meny deaseses, And we can t pay you, please when can you stop using it because I used up to 7 now, can I continue,my is secondary infertility Thanks

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