Fertilitylane is a community that provides support, encouragement, and information for women and men with fertility challenges.

Having experienced the trials and struggles of trying to conceive for nearly four years and still dealing with it, its no gainsaying that a lot of women are frustrated, dying in silence, and going through all of the excruciating pains just by themselves.

Sharing this part of my life is not to gain pity, but to use this period of testing to serve as an encouragement to others in the same situation with me; to know that you are not alone.

This is a no judgement zone where you can ease out the pain, exhale, and get that message of hope to carry you through the trying times.

Its a space for healing, and empowerment. A place to find strength in seasons of weakness. A place for peace.

This is where to find laughter and happiness. Where we strive to live our very best life irrespective of what fertility throws our way.

Its a lane created to help people walking the same path with me. It is an extension of my thoughts, battles, and fears. It is real. It is genuine. It is ME.

We are in this together, and as we journey through this lonely dark road, I hope someday we see the light at the end of the tunnel, and experience the thrilling joy of motherhood.

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